SCQF Level 6
Community Based ESOL and Modern Languages

Course Overview

We offer ESOL courses and qualifications at a range of levels:

  • National 3
  • National 4
  • National 5
  • Higher

The courses take place 2 days a week after school, with a choice of Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 4 - 6.30 at Drummond Community High School in the city centre. They offer S4 - 6 school pupils the opportunity to improve their English language skills, gain additional SQA qualifications and learn in a supportive and friendly environment with other young people who share similar experiences.

What You Will Learn
You will develop your English language skills for listening, speaking, reading and writing and build your vocabulary, study skills and confidence.  The courses cover a range of topics relevant to life in Scotland.
Entry Requirements

  • National 3 - result of initial placement test
  • National 4 - SQA ESOL National 3 or result of initial placement test
  • National 5 - SQA ESOL National 4 or result of initial placement test
  • Higher - SQA ESOL National 5 (preferably A or B pass) or result of initial placement test

How the course is assessed

  • National 3 and 4 - internal course assessment of all 4 skills
  • National 5 and Higher - external exam

Progression And Articulation Routes

  • SQA ESOL National 5 - progress to vocational college courses
  • SQA ESOL Higher - progress to vocational college courses or university

Number Of Days Per Week/Day Of The Week/Time Of The Day
  • 2
Course Delivery
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